UK Awards - Selection and Interview FAQs

Q: Who reads the applications, conducts interviews and ‘chooses’ the award recipients?

A: For each award category a selection committee will be assembled, comprised of representatives from a relevant professional field, senior academics, senior US Embassy and/or Consulate representatives, Fulbright alumni and Fulbright Commission staff. Each panel is Chaired by the Director of the Fulbright Awards Programme, who reads all applications and sits on all interview panels. Across all of our panels, we aim for a balance of American and British, and male and female panellists.


Q: I will be out of the UK during the listed interview date(s). Would it be possible to make any alternative arrangements, for example a telephone interview?

A: No. Interview dates are fixed and published online many months in advance of the application deadlines.  We do not conduct telephone or Skype interviews for UK award categories.  You would need to fly back to interview in-person if you were short-listed.


Q: Can the Commission reimburse for interview-related travel costs?

A: No, the Commission is unable to reimburse for travel to/from interviews.


Q: How long do the interviews last?

A: Interviews last for approximately 30 minutes each.  You will be instructed to arrive a few minutes before your allocated interview time.


Q: What is the format of the interviews?

A: Interviews consist of a series of questions from the panel, spanning subjects including but not limited to your research topic, your motivations for studying in the US, your past experiences, your leadership experience and your understanding of the Fulbright programme.

You may be asked to make a presentation to the panel.


Q: How can I best prepare for the interview?

A: We encourage interview candidates to review wider information on the Fulbright programme, speak to any current Fulbrighters or Fulbright alums, and think about their role as a Fulbright ambassador in the US. 


Q: How long after the interview do I have to wait before I am notified whether I’ve been successful or not?

A: All interviews are conducted over a two-week time period, and assessments of the interviews are done after this period. Therefore, you will not hear from the Commission until after the assessment is completed. We aim to notify all applicants of the results of the interviews via email by the end of the month of February.


Q: How many applicants do you interview?

A: The number of applicants we interview varies each year, but typically we interview the top 15-20% of applicants as selected by the reading panels.


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