Goodenough College & Goodenough Club

LogoAmerican Fulbright Scholars that are going to be based in London are urged to consider Goodenough College as a place to live. Goodenough College is a unique and prestigious postgraduate residential college, which brings together international students from all over the world, with the aim of creating a dynamic environment of academic and cultural exchange. Just around the corner from the Fulbright Commission, Goodenough College is very centrally located, and situated on one of London’s beautiful garden squares. Goodenough provides housing for single students as well as couples and families. The application process can be quite competitive, so if you are interested, we would encourage you to make an application as far in advance as possible.

The College was founded in 1930 as a residential college for students from The Dominions. Its aim was to improve international tolerance and understanding amongst people on the brink of their careers by providing a forum in which they could interact. The College has expanded greatly since that time and now consists of a community of 650 postgraduate students from over ninety countries.

Goodenough College also runs an extensive extra-curricular programme, which includes a conference series aimed at examining subjects of international concern. Its membership includes Visiting Fellows, who act as advisors to these conferences, and Goodenough Alumni, who have a more informal role as mentors and advisors to Members.

Shorter stays can be accommodated by the Goodenough Club, a not-for-profit providing faculty accommodation for universities, the professions, charities and individuals appreciating the academic atmosphere.