USA College Day has partnered with StriveScan to allow you to scan students' barcodes and collect their information efficiently. 

Every student will be required to register for a barcode before entering the event.

  • College reps use the StriveScan app on their iPhone, Android, or iPad to scan students’ barcodes. 
  • Reps can instantly view the student’s profile information and take notes right in the app. 
  • After the fair, reps export the student data with one click, instantly, to a CSV Excel file. 
  • Students also receive an email the following day with the contact information of the colleges and representatives with whom they spoke.
  • StriveScan is GDPR compliant. 

To use the StriveScan app, you must purchase 2 StriveScan credits at a cost of $24 USD each (total $48 for both days of the fair) directly through StriveScan's website. This includes unlimited student scans and if you have multiple reps attending from the same institution, both can scan from their own phones at no additional charge.

Create your StriveScan account on their website, purchase two credits, then download the StriveScan app and unlock the USA College Day fairs. 

You will receive an email directly from StriveScan with more information. 

If you have questions, feel free to contact StriveScan at