Fulbright Alumni

John Lithgow at the Fulbright Association Achievement Medal Dinner“I felt honored for the last forty plus years simply by being called a Fulbright scholar ever since 1967 when the Fulbright Commission sent me over to London to study for two years, as it turned out, at LAMDA, the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. A fantastic experience where a team of brilliant and eccentric teachers tore me down and built me back up, gave me lessons in voice and diction and stage movement and historical dance and choral singing and fencing and fighting and tumbling and, basically, turned me into the actor that I have been ever since.”
-John Lithgow, at the 2011 Fulbright
Lifetime Achievement Medal Dinner

Our alumni have multiple ways in which to remain connected to the Fulbright Programme:

Alumni networks

Ways to support the Programme including by reading Fulbright applications, and

Alumni events

If you participated on a Fulbright exchange, please remember to send us your updated contact details so that we can stay in touch: Nick Hugh, Fulbright Awards Programme Director.

Fulbright Alumni Networks

Céilidh hosted by the BFSAThe UK Fulbright alumni network is the organisation for all Fulbright Programme alumni in the UK. The alumni network was set up by volunteers in 1982 to bring alumni together through a programme of prestigious social events. In doing so, the network aims to provide a forum for ex-students in the UK and to continue to develop and promote international understanding. 

All US-UK Fulbright grantees have honorary membership of the UK Fulbright alumni network for eighteen months and are encouraged to join the network. The alumni network offers a travel award for one to two UK alumni every year to help fund additional trips within the US designed to extend their Fulbright experience. The alumni network also provides a mentoring programme for US postgraduate students, offering them support outside their academic environment and adding depth to their time in the UK.

To find out more, visit the UK Fulbright alumni network website www.fulbrightalumni.org.uk

The Fulbright Association, based in the US, seeks to engage current and former Fulbright exchange participants in lifelong experiences that advance international understanding through volunteer service to communities, people-to-people diplomacy and dialogue on global issues.

To find out more, visit the Fulbright Association website www.fulbrightalumni.org

State Alumni is an online global community for all past and current participants of US government-sponsored exchange programs – including Fulbright alumni. Interactive, dynamic, and password-protected, alumni.state.gov offers alumni a place to network, share ideas and stories; participate in Q&A Live discussions; and access free valuable resources such as grants, jobs and research databases. The Fulbright Community on State Alumni brings together current grantees and alumni, while also supporting the programme’s worldwide professional network.

Join State Alumni – visit https://alumni.state.gov


Supporting the Fulbright Awards Programme

Fulbright Alumni Events

We offer a series of free, community service-orientated events for alumni, current scholars and local communities to come together to help improve the environment. As society invested in your Fulbright exchange, this is a brilliant way to give something back to society!

A couple of times each year, and in a variety of locations, we hold re-entry sessions for our recently-returned British alumni. We present on your Fulbright future, including the alumni networks and opportunites outlined on this page. We also have a round table discussion to elicit your feedback, and have a lunch (and at times a trip to the pub after as well). Make sure we know when you return home so we can invite you to a relevent event.

Towards the end of their academic year, all remaining American Fulbright Scholars in the UK are invited to attend the Fulbright 'End-cap' Weekend. Each year the group meets in a city or region that the Americans might not have had the chance to see (for example, Swansea in 2009 and variousl location in Scotland in 2010 and 2011). The event is designed to transition the American grantees to life as alumni, and we would very much welcome the involvement of the wider alumni community in doing so. If you'd like to take part in the End-cap Weekend, do get in touch!