Roberto Roldan
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Khalif Hassan
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Aberystwyth University

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AberystwythAberystwyth University was the first university in Wales. Established in 1872, Aberystwyth was among the first institutions in the UK to admit female students. Home to the oldest Law School in Wales and to the first department in the world of International Politics, Aberystwyth is also known worldwide for its impact in Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences. Aberystwyth scientists are also contributing to the 2018 ExoMars European Space Agency mission.

Renowned for its academic rigour in both arts and sciences, Aberystwyth University is known and loved for its friendly intimacy. As well as creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere, its relatively small size promotes interdisciplinary activity.


Aberystwyth is home to The National Library of Wales. This Library is one of Britain's great copyright libraries entitled to receive a copy of every book published in the UK. It serves not only the nation of Wales but the north of England as there are no other copyright libraries closer than Oxford, Cambridge or London. As a student at Aberystwyth you have free access to the National Library's 6 million volumes, maps and prints.

Art in Aberystwyth

The award winning Aberystwyth Arts Centre is one of the UK's largest arts centres and is part of Aberystwyth University, recognised as a 'national flagship for the arts' it welcomes over 700,000 visitors a year.

Unique Location

Aber from Constitution HillAs well as being a proud University town, Aberystwyth is also a holiday resort and the main centre for commerce and culture on the mid-west coast of Wales. This combination creates great social variety in the town with a vibrant atmosphere. Aberystwyth is located in a beautiful area of the UK – based on the coast with stunning countryside all around. The town is nestled between three hills and two beaches, and hosts castle ruins, a steam railway, a pier and a harbour. The surrounding hills hold the visible remains of an Iron Age fort and also a monument to Wellington, and once climbed offer stunning views of Cardigan Bay. Aberystwyth is a cosmopolitan – albeit small - town which offers one of the best student experiences in the country.