Megan Selbach-Allen

Name: Megan Selbach-Allen
Exchange Destination: UK - England
Award Name: All-Discipline Fulbright Postgraduate
Host Institution: University of Liverpool
Home Institution: US Marine Corps
Level Of Study: Postgraduate
Discipline: Mathematics
Award Year: 2009-10

Megan Selbach-Allen grew up in Odessa, Washington and graduated from Odessa High School in 2005. She then attended the US Naval Academy from July 2005 until graduating in May of 2009. She earned a degree in Applied Mathematics and received a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Marine Corps. In the summer of 2007 she travelled to Uganda and was struck by how drastically infectious diseases affect the people living there. When an outbreak of the Ebola virus struck one of the areas she visited, the issue of fighting infectious diseases became very personal to her. As a Fulbright scholar Megan will study applied math at the University of Liverpool. Her specialization will be in applying math to understanding and combating infectious diseases. She plans to use the tools gained from her mathematical studies to help develop better strategies for responding to epidemics.

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