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Fulbright grantees represent a diverse range of academic fields, professions and personal backgrounds, from across the US and UK. Here you may search for profiles of current and past Fulbright grantees.

Visit the Fulbright Awards section for information about applying for a Fulbright award.

You may also wish to search the Meet Our Advisees section to see profiles of students who have worked with the Advisory Service. Download a pdf listing our current Fulbrighters.


Name Exchange Destination Host Institution Award Name Discipline Award Year
Marjorie Light UK - England University of Nottingham Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching Education 2016-17
Cristi Marchetti UK - Northern Ireland Queen's University Belfast Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching Education 2016-17
Hannah Butler UK - Scotland Universities of Dundee and Strathclyde Fulbright-Scotland Summer Institute Communications 2016-17
Andrew Kelderman UK - England Durham University Distinguished Award in Teaching 2016-17
Justin Pendleton UK - England University of Manchester Fulbright-Manchester Award International Development 2016-17
Sean Luke Schubert UK - England University of Bristol Fulbright-University of Bristol Summer Institute 2016-17
Jake Richards USA Harvard University Fulbright - All Disciplines Postgraduate Award History 2016-17

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