Meet Will Ross

Racing for Berkeley at Stanford's Triathlon
Studying in the US gave me the opportunity to interact with an entirely different system of upbringing and education - a curiously stimulating experience that felt less foreign than familiar....

US University: University of California, Berkeley
US University Website:
US State: California
Level Of Study: Undergraduate
Length Of Study abroad: Short-term
Field: Humanities & Social Sciences
Course: History
Region From: SE England
Hometown: Maidenhead
UK School/University Attended: University of Edinburgh
Years Abroad: 2011 - 2012

I had a fantastic time studying at the University of California, Berkeley. Through my undergraduate studies as a history major, I maintained a close contact with the Occupy Cal protests, offering me a unique perspective on the student experience at a public university.

Beyond on-campus activity, I made full use of the Berkeley triathlon team whose resources extend to their status as one of the best triathlon teams in the country. Competing in triathlon took me throughout California, and to the nationals in Birmingham, Alabama.

In applying to the US, I was determined to position myself in the Bay Area. Being near a thriving tech scene, San Francisco and Stanford opened up avenues during my year abroad. I would strongly recommend looking hard at which academic institutions cater to your interests, both in terms of on-campus and off-campus opportunities. Ultimately you will have time around studies to explore constructive options in the area so make the most of the investment of being in the US by approaching new scenes with confidence.

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