Meet Joe Prince-Wright

In action for the University of Pittsburgh soccer team
I knew that coming to the US would enhance me as a student, an athlete and a person....

US University: University of Pittsburgh
US University Website:
US State: Pennsylvania
Level Of Study: Undergraduate
Length Of Study abroad: Full Degree
Field: Humanities & Social Sciences
Course: Journalism/PR/Communication
Region From: SE England
Hometown: Southampton
UK School/University Attended: Itchen College
Years Abroad: 2007 - 2011

I chose to study in the US as it really gave me a great opportunity to continue to play soccer at the top level for four years whilst also completing a degree from the University of Pittsburgh, which has recently been included in the world’s top 75 Universities. Having come to Pitt on an official visit in early 2007, I was taken aback by the incredible facilities it offered, both athletically and academically. I knew that coming to the US would enhance me as a student, an athlete and a person. I had heard nothing but good things from Barry Poole at Pass 4 Soccer about the experience of studying in the US, and that if I made the most of it, it would be a life changing experience. It certainly has been.

I have had so many wonderful experiences over my four years at Pitt. On the football pitch, scoring two goals to take the University of Pittsburgh soccer team to the Big East playoffs, which is widely regarded as the best university soccer league in the nation, was a great achievement.

Having so many wonderful internships has also been incredible. I worked for Fox Sports television in Pittsburgh when the Steelers won the Super Bowl two years ago, and that was an experience of a life time.

My top tip would be to revise and practice the SAT and ACT tests as much as you can. American students are brought up doing multiple choice exams but in the UK, they are very rare. The practice tests are the best way to prepare. Also, it is important that you have all of your visa, university and immigration documents in one place. Put them all in a folder together so you don’t lose them. Being organized with stuff like that really does make everything a lot less stressful.

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