Meet Erica Leishman

At a Ducks football game. People like to dress up!
I wanted more than just straight graphic design, and here, I can take a kickboxing class and have it count towards my degree! Plus you can't get school spirit in the UK like you do here!...

US University: University of Oregon
US University Website:
US State: Oregon
Level Of Study: Undergraduate
Length Of Study abroad: Full Degree
Field: Arts
Course: Design
Region From: NW England
Hometown: Northwich, Cheshire
UK School/University Attended: The Grange, Hartford
Years Abroad: 2011 - 2015

The on campus activities here are great, aside from the weekend stuff they have going on particularly for freshman (like laser tagging and movies), there are programs like "alternative breaks" where you can go abroad and volunteer in between terms. I also got involved in QUIDDITCH! So many Harry Potter nerds here, it's great. There is always so much going on in terms of campus activities.

I got a few scholarships lined up--universities are usually really good about getting you the financial help you need. I haven't found the academics to be too challenging, it's just different. My only issue was that I had to take a math course, and I hadn't done math since GCSE! But professors are really helpful and I ended up getting an A in the class.

My favourite memory was when I was at a Ducks game, we scored the winning point so all the students got free tacos. Words of wisdom: do your research and do it early, on everything from admissions and scholarships to courses you want to take. E-mail people and ask questions. Also, once you're here, get involved there is SO MUCH you can do, it's absolutely brilliant!

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